Better Chef 150-Watt Coffee Grinder, White


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Compact and POWERFUL, the Better Chef Power Blade Coffee Grinder’s 150-Watt motor will grind not just coffee, but nuts, spices, and more. Whether you want some rough chopped nuts for an ice cream sundae or coffee beans ground to dust for your morning joe, with the Better Chef Grinder, it is simply a matter of how long you keep the unit running. With the easy-grip textured surface and one-touch operation, you can hold the unit in place while the durable stainless steel blades make quick work of whatever you need pulverized. It also comes with a safety locking mechanism, so no worries about a plume of dust erupting from the grinder while it is running. And with a 100G/3.5oz capacity, you’ll have enough grounds to get even the heaviest drinker through the morning. When you’re finished the unit even has cord storage built in, just put in the cupboard and you’ll never have to deal with a hanging power cable. We all love our coffee freshly ground. No one wants some week old, stale, store bought, powder. So give the Better Chef grinder, a shot, go through that extra 2.5 minute grinding prep, and you will have coffee as it was meant to be drunk, fresh, fulfilling, and perfect for that morning jolt!

Measures: 7″” x 4″” x 4″” 1.5 LB Capacity:3.5 FL OZ

* 150 Watt motor can grind coffee, nuts, spices and more
* One touch operation with safety lock
* durable stainless steel blades
* 100G/3.5OZ stainless steel grinding chamber
* Easy grip textured surface
* Cord Storage

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