Bedford Clock Collection Delphine 27 Inch Mahogany Chiming Pendulum Wall Clock


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Bedford Clock Collection offers you the elegance and beauty of classic style with the modern reliable technology of today’s wall clocks. Whether a gift to your self or for someone else, this clock will add a special touch of sophistication to any room. With its stunning mahogany cherry wood finish, classic Roman Numeral analog face, painted golden accents, swinging pendulum, and chiming function, this piece an attractive focal point as well as a functional and reliable piece of technology. Chime feature comes with a variable volume knob as well as four distinct chime options to choose from. When you need some quiet time, easily push the shut-off button and chimes will resume after a 12 hour period. Not only does this clock serve as a practical time piece during the day, but it also is set to keep quiet at night during the hours of 9pm to 6am, making your nights and mornings worry free.

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